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The essence of Life Coaching and Life-Coaching for Young Adults is to help with planning for the future, setting goals and attaining success by implementing the plan. If you want to focus on personal development, create an action plan and learn new skills for effective living, seeing a life coach is a great place to start. Your future development is waiting for you to act. Coaching is result oriented. Please click here to contact DRay. Interested in alternative or health & wellness therapies? Information here..


What Is A Life Coach?

DRay As Your Life Coach is:

* Your partner in achieving personal goals

* Your sounding board when making choices

* Your motivator when you get stuck

* Your unconditional support when you have a setback

* Your co-designer in creating a purposeful life

* Your mentor in personal development

* Your dream stretcher to help you accomplish more than you imagined

* Someone that you can trust …..a friend …..someone who genuinely cares about you … just for being you – your cheerleader who believes in you

* Someone who will be your compass and honestly confront you in love regarding issues that will hinder your life-success.. issues that will prevent you from soaring.

* Your truth teller to say what needs to be said

* A spiritual guide/teacher…. someone who attempts to model grace and coach as God would.

* A person who keeps 100% of what is discussed, 100% confidential, 100% of the time.

* Someone you can talk to about absolutely anything and everything and feel you are being heard and understood, valued and never judged or put-down.


The benefits of a life coach.

Coaching is solution-based and solves problems of the present — it enriches your life! DRay uses powerful techniques (Energy Work, Life-Change Tools, support, and structure) to clarify your goals, values, purpose, and vision and to keep you focused on your priorities.  It will create prosperity, balance, and fulfillment in your life. Through coaching, you can achieve your goals and dreams by breaking them down into smaller more manageable pieces. Each week, you move closer to what you really want.

DRay’s life coaching is about helping you get from where you are to where you really desire to be.  DRay will help you address areas like career, finances, health/wellness, relational issues, esteem, confidence, physical environment, personal/spiritual growth, family/friends, even fun and play.  Most of us would love to increase our level of satisfaction and passion in at least one area of our live.

Coaching is a partnership between client and coach to help you design your future.  I work on things that matter to you, and achieving your goals.  Together we will take the steps to move you in the right direction.

Coaching provides clarity and  focus,  and helps you make wiser choices.  You will gain fresh perspectives, see new opportunities, build your self-confidence, confidence, relational abilities and you will be encouraged and challenged to stretch and grow as  a person.

Through the process of coaching, using multiple strategies,  you achieve extraordinary results, and improve the quality of your life.


Could Life Coaching Be For You?

Where You Are

Where You’d Like To Be



Successful in some ways, but not as happy as you would like to be

Successful and happy!


Excelling because your environment serves you

Stuck, unsure of what to do

Sure of what to do and taking action – Decisive

Ready for major change

Experiencing and enthusiastic about major change


Amazed at the things happening in your life

Afraid of taking action

Taking bold, creative, effective action

Running in circles, frazzled, no time to do anything, overwhelmed

Focused, effective

Unsure of your future

Excited about your future

Not enjoying what you have

Making the most of everything that you have and being thankful

Unprofitable business, not enjoying your business

Making more money than you ever thought possible, and enjoying it at the same time!

Spending your hours on things you just don’t like

Maximizing the use of your time



Feeling disconnected from purpose

Living with purpose

Unsure of what you are doing all of this for

Energized by a vision and purpose in live

Worried about your life

Excited about your life


Balanced, strong, effective

Living life the hard way

Living life with passion, fun, fulfillment and success

Not connecting as much as you would like with friends, family, others

Experiencing great relationships, because you have so much more to give and are in a great position to give it

Living in a way that someone or something else chose for you, not living by your own values

Living in the way that you choose, aligned with your unique values and purpose

Ready to try something new, as what you are trying now clearly isn’t working as well as you would like

Feeling great about the changes in yourself and your life, and enjoying having dedicated time and a partner towards your own life, business and career success


Life Coaching with DRay, helps you develop positive patterns of thought, emotions, and behavior that bring success to your life. Let go of doubt, fear, low self-esteem, being overwhelmed, and negative thinking, fear of relationships and intimacy. Develop the motivation and self-confidence to change the way you think, feel and act so that you get what you really want in life.


Invest in yourself to learn, grow, and succeed contact DRay

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