Counselling and Life Coaching for Young Adults

Young adults are faced with many decisions, transitions, and opportunities in their life.  This can be an exciting time, but may also be a time of uncertainty.  Maybe you are wondering about your future, your job, education ambitions, or what to do next.  DRay can help you figure it out.  As a life-coach and therapist, I positively impact *young adults to develop their character and succeed in life and if there are other deeper issues these can also be addressed.   A high school or college education might teach you what you need to know, but it doesn’t necessarily teach you who to be!  These days, skills and abilities are not enough.  In order to succeed in today’s world we need:

     * strong self-esteem
* confidence and belief in our abilities
* ability to relate to others well
* self-awareness
* know how to handle conflict
* decision-making and time management skills
* professional mannerisms
* creativity
* leadership
* goal setting abilities
* responsibility
* a good attitude

Your character, attitudes and relational skills plays an imperative role in how far you will go in your life.  While it is widely understood that skills and abilities can be learned and developed those hiring can often tell in a few minutes if the candidate will get a job based on their attitude and their abilities to relate to people.

Character development is essential to your growth and success as a person.  I can train you to radiate positive energy  from the inside.

Are you becoming the person you want to be?

As your coach, I want for you to discover your unique strengths, purpose, and passions.  I want to help you tweak your character to enable you succeed at life.  I will work with you to overcome the obstacles and mind sets that hold you back from being your best.  You can succeed in life; but it all starts from the inside and your belief system.  Are you ready to grow?

Interested? … contact DRay to get started!

 DRay’s Life coaching can be a transformational and highly liberating experience.  I invite you to grow into the person God intended you to be.

*DRay does not work with children except in the context of the family.